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Monday, 03 November 2014 22:05

Denmark: A Lesbian Couple Was Harassed In Mariager City

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Mariager fjord

Denmark is a rather very welcoming to the LGBT community country but there are exceptions like the city of Mariager where a lesbian couple was a victim of anti-gay harassment.

Newly arrived in the city of Mariager in northern Denmark, a lesbian couple, Tulle Krøyer and her wife, has not stopped receiving harassing letters, but then things have deteriorated. As reports The Local, a disparaging note was set in the couple's daughter's daycare closet. Rubbish was thrown into the family's yard. Dog excrement was hurled at their windows.

"It has been extremely stressful and something you can’t even imagine happens in today's Denmark," Krøyer told TV2 Nord.

"We just want to live our lives in peace," she added.

The couple decided to leave the city even if a man has been arrested and charged with vandalism against the couple.

LGBT associations across the country will organize a parade in Mariager to show that such acts are totally unacceptable because this case is unfortunately not an isolated one.

"We experience that cases like these most often occur in the provinces because there is a poorer representation of minorities. It's easy to be singled out when you are the only openly gay couple in a small town," LGBT Danmark spokesman Ask Ulrich Petersen told Politiken.


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