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Wednesday, 01 June 2011 00:42

Europe And LGBT Rights: The Chart

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ILGA published the European chart for the year concerning LGBT rights.



It is in United Kingdom where LGBT rights are the most present and even if gay marriage is not legalized.

This chart in fact is based on 24 criteria and takes into account only the laws and not the justice part so the percentage of homophobe acts, for exemple, is not taken into account.

Joel Deroff, political adviser with ILGA, explains: "It is true that we could expect that the countries where the marriage is opened to all are at the head. But the United Kingdom made large progress on gender identity which is not the case in Spain."


Is there truly a country in Europe which gives more rights to LGBT people being better than another? Not really.

"We cannot say that a country is in advance on the others. None reaches the maximum score", Joel Deroff said. "No country is really at the head."

Of course, France, without laws for gay marriage and gay parenting, obtains a really bad result:

"If we had made this chart ten years ago, French score would have been one of the best," analyzes the person in charge of ILGA. "What is obvious is that France stopped its progress. The legal conditions which frame the change of civil identity are always very conservative. In fact the courts arbitrate on a case-by-case basis. If you are married, it is required in general that you divorce before the recognition of the identity change.”

For Eastern European countries it is not very great too.
"The absence of progress is worrying. It is the case for Moldavie or Ukraine where we recorded new acts of violence against LGBT people or events. We can then speak about breach of expression liberty.”

It's Italy however which is the worst country with zero point.

"We had this year two bills repressing homophobe and transphobes acts," said Joel Déroff. "It didn't works at all. Moreover, each time, it develop homophobe remarks in public. That worries us."



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