Monday, 11 April 2011 12:00

Europe Will Protect Lesbians, Bisexual And Transgender Women Against Violences

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The Committee of Ministers of the European Council announced that a convention would be adopted to protect women against violences. Lesbians, bisexual and transgender women will be also considerated.


This as a major step forward in the fight against gender-based violence and towards full protection of women across Europe from both domestic violence and in other circumstances such as violence in public places, forced marriage, rape, ‘honour’ crimes and genital mutilation reports ILGA-Europe which used its observer status at the committee of experts which wrote the convention to discuss the need for covering sexual orientation and gender identity.


The signature should take place during May.

Linda Freimane, co-chair of the International Gay and Lesbian Association for Europe's board, said:

“ILGA-Europe warmly welcomes the adoption of the Convention and the recognition that lesbian, bisexual and trans women are particularly vulnerable to violence and require specific measure of protection.

We urge governments of Council of Europe member states to ratify the Convention as soon as possible."

Sha added to be "shocked that at all stages the Russian Federation and Holy See opposed specific inclusion of protection from violence for LBT women in the Convention, raising disturbing questions regarding the extent of their commitment to such fundamental rights as the right to life, and the right to protection from violence.“