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Sunday, 17 July 2016 22:42

Europeans Largely In Favor Of Access To Insemination For Lesbian Women

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A survey by Odoxa allows us to learn a little more about what Europeans think about insemination for lesbian women.

Indeed, we must know that in some European countries only heterosexual women have access to insemination. The lesbian women often have to travel to other countries to be inseminated.

But this Odoxa survey reveals that although the law is not existing, 57% of the general population are in favor of opening the insemination for homosexual women.

If we look in more detail at the country level, we see that the Germans are in favor of openness to 65%, 62% of French, and the Italians are also in favor of openness to 56%.

These results are quite good and again, there is a gap between the country's politics, what the government wants, and what people would like.

While these prohibitions in these countries receive in England and Spain that allow insemination to homosexual women, which care for women from countries that do not allow them wishing to have a child through insemination.

After, the Spanish and the British understand that these women come to their country to be able to have this intervention, but they would like these foreign women pay more intervention than women in their own country.

82% of Spanish and 70% of the British would like to see countries, which currently do not allow insemination, opening to homosexual women so that they can use this process within their country .

Moreover, the survey reveals that 48% of British simply wish that these foreign women could not come to their country for this intervention.


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