Tuesday, 04 June 2013 22:43

First LGBT Rally In Croatia

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On July 1st, Croatia will be officially part of the European Union and so will have to accept and to protect its LGBTQ citizens like any other citizen.


As a result, LGBT activists have took advantage of this to rally in Zagreb's streets. For us, it's almost a common act but it was actually the first manifestion of this kind organized in the country.


In Croatia, only LGBT people together since three years can access civil unions so LGBT people now want more.


"We claim protection of our basic rights. We ask for marriage equality and domestic partnership", explains Sanja Juras, who organized this gathering.



An attempt to qualify marriage as an union between a man and a woman in the constitution of the country is in hand. Opponents to marriage equality want indeed to organize a referendum on the question and it would seem that they succeeded in collecting the number of sufficient signatures to bring this request to the Parliament.