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Saturday, 04 August 2018 21:18

For the first time, a court recognized the rights of a lesbian couple in Bulgaria

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Great news in Bulgaria where, for the first time, the rights of a married lesbian couple have been recognized.

In January 2018, two women in a couple had filed a complaint and I'm glad to hear that they managed to win the case.

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The story of Cristina Palma and her wife Mariama Diallo is special since the couple is Franco-Australian. Cristina, Australian, married Mariama, a French girl she had met in Sydney 15 years ago. The two women married in France in 2016 before deciding to move to Bulgaria.

In 2017, Cristina's application to continue her residency in Bulgaria. She immediately filed a complaint and, a few days ago, the Sofia City Administrative Court ruled in favor of the couple, allowing the two women to stay in Bulgaria.

It's also the first recognition of a married lesbian couple while Bulgaria doesn't allow marriage equality.

The European Court's decision in January 2018 will have helped. The latter has asked all the countries of the European Union that have not legalized equal marriage yet to recognize the rights of same-sex spouses.

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