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Friday, 11 May 2018 16:48

For the first time Italy has recognized a child born to a same-sex couple

Written by 

Chiara Foglietta Micaela


After the Turin government refused to register the child of a lesbian couple, they started a process to gain recognition. With only 10 days of existence, Niccolò Pietro has become a symbol. He is the first "baby with two moms" born and registered in Italy. The mayor of Turin decided to help LGBT families.

At first, the child conceived by insemination in Denmark couldn't be registered in Turin, Italy. The moms, Chiara Foglietta and Micaela, who both reside in the city,explained: 

"Niccolò Pietro came into the world, to me and Micaela, he is our son.

"But in order to register at the registry, I have to declare that I had sex before conceiving it."

Chiara said there was a "legislative vacuum" for same-sex couples since fertility treatment is only available for heterosexual couples in "stable relationships." This obviously raises problems of recognition and registration for children in LGBT families.

Chiara would like "reality to adapt to bureaucracy and not the other way around." She and her wife had therefore decided to fight the authorities to guarantee the rights of their son and all rainbow children and families who don't have the strength to fight this battle.

"It's for the children of single women and those with partners who have chosen medically assisted procreation with an external donor and want to tell the truth," said Chiara.

They asked Turin Mayor Chiara Appendino to help them and she heard them.

"The love of a family is a right that goes beyond any category or definition imposed by society," said Mayor Appendino.

"I am ready to force the law."

The recognition papers have been signed.

"The city has implemented a solution that will now allow all same-sex couples with children to be recognized as families," added Appendino.

After the Turin government refused to register the child of a lesbian couple, the Mayor of the city decided to change things and recognize the child. Turin becomes the first Italian city to officially recognize LGBTQ families.


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