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Wednesday, 10 May 2017 15:45

France chooses Emmanuel Macron as new president

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Congratulations to France who elected the Democratic president against a far-right candidate!

Emmanuel Macron thus won the 2017 presidential election with 66.1% of votes against Marine Le Pen who gets 33.9% of the votes.

Contrary to usual, the French decided to support a man who is not from the political class. Macron was nevertheless counselor in the previous government and was later appointed Minister of the Economy before resigning.

They elected a young president, Macron becomes the youngest head of state since he is only 39 years old.

The French also chose the one who from the start supports Europe while wanting to modernize it. After the British who decided to leave the European system, we were wondering if the French were going to do the same. Well no! It must be said that the growth curve is starting to come down and the first signs of inflation are beginning to appear in the United Kingdom.

Finally, the French will have said NO to the far rights, represented here by the National Front party.

Of course, there were many white votes, that is to say for none of the candidates, and 44% of the votes collected by Macron are not in his favor but represents a vote against the National Front.

Nothing is finished yet, as in 5-6 weeks, France will organize legislative elections to elect the deputies who will pass the laws.

The big question is therefore whether the French will support their new president by allowing him to get a majority in the Assembly while knowing that the danger of the far rights is still there.

The first poll is currently announcing 24% in favor of Macron's project followed by the Republicans and the National Front. This survey was conducted while the Prime Minister and the rest of the government were not appointed. Once the government is in place, everything could change.

It is hoped that progress on LGBTQ rights will continue under this new government.

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