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Friday, 29 June 2012 00:06

France Family Minister Booed After Supporting Marriage And Adoption For All

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During the assembly of the National Family Associations Union of France, Dominique Bertinotti, Family Minister, was booed for her support towards gay and lesbian families.

Fran├žois Fondart, the president of the National Family Associations Union of France (UNAF), said: "Marriage and adoption by same-sex couples? Who can claim to not have any questions concerning the children? A family, it is the institutionalization of the difference of the sexes."

He concluded while saying: "Adoption by a homosexual couple is a bad solution" and people applauded him as reports Var Matin.

Then the Family Minister made her speech and defended the proposal of President Fran├žois Hollande "to allow adoption and marriage for all the couples." Bills to have "equality between families" which implies "the same rights and the same duties for all". She also indicated to be the "minister of all the families" and was then booed by the audience.

This assembly once again showed that there are things to change. Gay and lesbian families were not represented by any organizations.

There are organizations in France like the Association of Gay and Lesbian Families (ADFH) which asked several time to be part of UNAF but was always rejected.

"Should we remind that UNAF and UDAF are institutions charged to promote, to defend and represent the interests of all the families near the authorities? (...) UNAF is thus in infringment with its own statutes," said ADFH.

It is also in infrigment with the social action and families Code and the Minister apparently urged the Union to respect it.


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