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Thursday, 26 June 2014 14:05

France Has Launched A Survey On Families With Gay And Lesbian Parents

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A big survey of families with gay and lesbian parents will be launched in France!

In the absence of data on the parenting skills of French gay and lesbian families, the National Research Agency has decided to launch a survey to better understand children and their gay parents.

“In France, there never had been before systematic work achieved near children living in a gay and lesbian parenting hearth,” Alain Ducousso-Lacaze, who is coordinating the investigation, said.

Sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists and psychoanalysts will participate in this great project! Currently, they are recruiting families so if you are interested, please follow this link:

The first results of this survey are expected in 2016 and will then be continued for many years.

Ducousso-Lacazea said that the study would be made ​​without judgement of the families, but in the idea of ​​more understanding them.

"In the research team, our positioning is to ask us how does it works, without judgement in principle. It is important to understand before judging."

Opponents and politicians continue to say that we are dangerous to children and LGBT French can only be based on American surveys.

This survey is a great idea. That will provide evidence later that families with gay or lesbian parents are awesome.

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