Thursday, 16 June 2011 16:27

France Said No To Gay Marriage

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Gay marriage was rejected in France by a vote of 293-222. Here are the points of view of political parties, deputies and LGBT associations.

Political parties

PS: Najat Vallaud Belkacem, national secretary to security questions, said "the marriage is a social symbol, it is the legal recognition by the society of a couple. All the couples which wish it must be able to egt married and to be recognized by the society and the Republic.

Each one knows to refuse equal rights for all the citizens encourages discriminations and violences towards LGBT people."

UMP: deputy Christian Vanneste said some remarks more than homophobe cosidering gay marriage like a "anthropological abberation".

How can someone be so ignorant?

He added: "There are only two sexes, men and women. And the society must ensure its perenniality by the marriage of men and women. For the rest, it is a question of mode, related to some lobbies which have obviously a lot of power.
It is not because some people have behaviors, let us say curious, inevitably the society has to be worried about it.
It is a private affair, which does not relate to the future of the society.
It is sexual pleasure, it is entertainment, affection. Why does it have to interest the society?. The society is interested in the marriage if it is related to the procreation in the major part of the cases. (…) It is not the first time something will be fashion because the press will have decided."

As for LGBT associations

Inter-LGBT "regrets deeply members of Parliament did not seize this unique opportunity to put an end to a discrimination between couples and deplores deputies did not face up to their responsibilities whereas 58% of the population are favorable to marriage for same-sex couples.

"UMP chose its camp" wrote the association S.O.S homophobia. "At one year of the presidential election, and after four years of quasi-inactivity in the fight against homophobia and transphobia."

S.O.S homophobia will engage all its energy to find the fight against homophobia and transphobia and equal rights in programs of candidates."