Tuesday, 19 May 2015 16:57

France: While LGBTphobia Decreased Slightly In 2014, The United Protestant Church Approves The Celebration Of Same-Sex Marriages

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The largest Protestant church in France just allowed pastors to celebrate same-sex marriages.

It is now two years since France has legalized marriage equality, so it was time for the church to open its doors to same-sex couples. And the decision has been widely supported as 94 delegates out of 100 have approved the measure.

«The synod has decided to take a step forward in accompanying people and these couples by opening the possibility of celebrating liturgical blessings if they want,» said Laurent Schlumberger, president of the Church.

«It’s an option, not an obligation,» as «every pastor and every parish is free to implement this change.»

Note that the association SOS Homophobie has released its annual report on LGBTphobia in France. The association finds an encouraging decline in 2014 compared to 2013 that definitely remains a bad year for the French LGBT community.

Despite this decrease, SOS Homophobie is worried about the percentage of school-LGBTphobia which decreased by only 13% and above is worried about the percentage of LGBTphobia in families which increase of 11%!

Check out the full report (in French) here: http://www.sos-homophobie.org/rapport-annuel-2015