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Monday, 26 December 2011 18:51

François Hollande Presents His Program For LGBTs

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francois hollande

François Hollande, candidate to presidential elections in France, answers questions concerning LGBT rights.

In 16 pages, the candidate presents us his program for LGBTs answering questions asked by HES (Homosexuality and Socialism) in which he approaches gay marriage, adoption and discrimination.

He indicates his support for gay marriage again while specifying to want "to reinforce the Pacs (domestic partnership)".

He also shows he is in favor of adoption by gay and lesbian couples as well as the recognition of the parents-in-law, opening medical assistance for women.

Concerning transgenders, Holland proposes "a new policy of accompaniment (medical, psychological or surgical), nationally, ensuring quality and recognition by the social security, which will be discussed with associations" initially before a law allows "the change of sex at the register civil (and social security) without an obligatory and preliminary surgical operation of sexual reassignation".

He also wants to fight against discrimination in employment, health and education. He wrote besides that "education will have to talk about gender and sexual orientation" in elementary schools.


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