Monday, 27 February 2012 18:17

French Deputy Who Denied Internment Of Homosexuals Was Fired

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christian vanneste

(version française)

The French deputy Christian Vanneste who had said "the internment of homosexuals during the second world war was only a legend", was fired by his political party.

Jean-François Copé, UMP general secretary, said Christian Vanneste had decided to quit well Vanneste told JDDJDD that he didn't decide to quit yet:

"They do not have to speak for me. I will decide when I will quit. I do not support these people who did not even get in touch with me dare to transmit informations which belong to me and which does not belong to them.

"This party really works in a totalitarian way," he added. "It is incredible! They reacted without even understanding what I said, while attacking what is a historical truth without discussing it.

"And now they announce my resignation? Fuck off! I'm fed up wih them !"

He indeed denounces a stratagem to push him to quit which would have been organized by UMP and the gay organization Gaylib. Vanneste was replaced by another candidate Gerald Darmanin for the legislative elections in the North of France.



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