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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 15:19

French Minister Of Sports Supports Gay Marriage And Gay Parenting

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The French Minister of sports, Chantal Jouanot, supports not only the gay marriage but also gay parenting.

In an interview, Chantal Jouanot said that in the ” 'interest of the child” it is necessary to support a gay family, to open the marriage to same sex couples. She also adds that the sport federations have to fight against homophobia.

“When we speak about the adoption, the question is: “Where is the interest of the child?”. Well, it is to live in a stable family. There is not to have prejudices and to wonder if stability is more heterosexual than homosexual.”

Concerning the marriage, the minister gives a simple argument: “The stability of a couple does not threaten the society.” It's so true!

About sport, her point of view is very clear, the federations have to sign the Fight against homophobia act. She even says: “Concretely, the principle is simple: no act, no assistances. No act, no money !”.

Finally somebody who understood everything, it's a real pleasure.



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