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Thursday, 16 March 2017 22:18

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron said he will always defend the LGBT community

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The candidate for the French presidency Emmanuel Macron wants to be an advocate for LGBT rights.

In an interview with L'Obs magazine, Macron returned to the intolerable remarks that opponents of the marriage equality law said when France debated the law.

He said it was better to "speak" and "share disagreements" than to "humiliate" people.

He also reiterated his support for the LGBT community who regretted his lack of commitment to LGBT rights in the past:

"Through its reaction to me, the LGBT community reminded me that its wounds are still alive, that they were humiliated, abused, hurt by a process that should have been a relief but turned into the confrontation.

"On the substance, the LGBT community knows my deep attachment to the advancement of its rights and will always find me a defender."

Finally, he ended by asking opponents not to sink into hatred of the other:

"The progress of individual and collective rights (...) must not be a machine to create reconciled hatreds."

Emmanuel Macron and Benoit Hammon are the two candidates who support LGBT rights.

Francois Fillon, currently in the midst of legal turmoil, wants to review the law allowing adoption for same-sex couples.

And Marine Le Pen, the far-right candidate, wants to repeal the equal marriage and adoption law.

According to recent polls, Le Pen would win the first round of the presidential elections with 26% of votes. Macron would come in second place with 25%, with the rest of the votes divided among the other candidates.

But, there are two rounds in France to elect a president and thus, in the second round, Macron would win the election with 61% of votes.

Nothing has yet been done and it is hoped that it will not happen the same as in the United States. The first round of elections will take place on April 23, 2017. Don't forget to vote.


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