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Wednesday, 20 April 2011 11:04

French Senate Voted For Lesbian Medical Procreation

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The French senate voted a law, against the government, to allow the access to medical procreation “for all the couples” so for lesbians too.

In France, a lot of lesbian couples go in other countries like Belgium, the Netherlands for inseminations because that is not possible in France.

But it is not because the Senate opened the law for lesbians that we won. The government doesn't agree, a second session could take place.

Health Minister, Xavier Bertrand, is against: “It is the report of a medical infertility which remains the access to the medical procreation”. This amendment “modifies the border between the medical and the society” and “the government are not ready to follow. I hear the argumentation, but that is not the one of the government. The medical procreation is a medical answer to a medical problem”, he insisted.

Senator UMP Alain Milon voted for the law because he thinks that this evolution is “the French reality”.

Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans Interassociative (Inter-LGTB) said “it is a pleasant surprise in all this debate on the law of bioethics, since this amendment deposited by the opposition aimed to put an end to a discrimination against same sex couples introduced into this bill.”

Nicolas Gougain added: “Until now, the medical procreation was only opened for married couples and a new text planned to open it to couples who are not married, but only straights”, he added.

“If this amendment is confirmed, it would be a good news for all the couples of women who today have to go abroad to obtain help with procreation.”

“It is obviously a good thing”, said Philippe Rollandin, spokesperson of the APGL (association of the parents and future gay and lesbian parents). “It is interesting to see that the senators take into account this kind of reality and try to advance the legislation”, he added. However, “we remain careful because it is not yet a final vote”.


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