Monday, 13 June 2011 15:50

Gay Marriage Studied In France

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It is on June 14th the vote to allow or not gay marriage in France will take place. We already know the result will be negative as the government is opposed to it. During a session to study the law in the Parliament, a part of UMP deputies, government's party, did not even come.

The bill of Patrick Bloche, PS, adds the "recognition, in the civil code, of the marriage contracted by two same-sex people".

The debate started with the Minister for justice, Michel Mercier, who opened the session by saying the government was opposed to this law.

"This debate is the occasion to show the attachment of our society to the marriage, for the safety which it brings compared to other types of unions and for the social symbol that it represents," he said.

Only 5 UMP deputies were present at the beginning, a few others arrived during the session, but all expressed their opposition to the law except Franck Riester and Henriette Martinez who said they will vote for the law which represent for them "a major advance for equal rights".