Wednesday, 27 May 2015 23:25

Germany Still Refuses To Open Marriage To Same-Sex Couples

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Australia is not the only country that has not legalized marriage equality. Germany has not passed it either yet.

However, some advances have been approved in recent days by the German government, but they are criticized because they are in no way comparable to laws adopted in other European countries. One even judge them totally ridiculous.

Currently, same-sex couples almost receive the same rights as straight married couples but cannot marry.

Since 2001, they can record their union as a «registered life-partnership,» a sort of civil union.

Opponents do not want same-sex unions are regarded as marriages like Thomas Strobl, a CDU politician, who thinks that marriage will be no longer special if it is open to same-sex couples:

«It's clear that [Ireland's decision] will have an effect on our debates and discussions in Germany, rightly so,» Strobl told SWR, adding: «It is a remarkable decision that was made in Ireland.»

«If we make everything the same, then marriage won't be special anymore,» Strobl said.