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Monday, 23 May 2016 21:38

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Reiterated His Opposition To Equal Marriage

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Viktor Orbán




Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said he supports the traditional definition of marriage, namely the union of a man and a woman.

It was in an interview with the Portuguese newspaper Expresso that the Hungarian Prime Minister said that support Christianity, which for him saved Europe in recent millennia. He then reiterated his belief that the family is the Nation, stating that the family is a man and a woman. He also opposes marriages between people who do not wish to have children thinking that it's going against the development of Hungary.

For him the recognition as family of LGBT couples is in no way a human rights. He explains that an apple cannot be called a pear.

Four years ago, Hungary has adopted a law prohibiting equal marriage for same-sex couples.

"We make it clear that only a man and a woman can marry and have a family," Orban explained. "Under the Civic Code […], homosexuals can do whatever they want but they cannot enter into marriage recognised by the state.

"An apple cannot asked to be called a pear. […] If a person lives together with another without wanting to have children, they do not foster the thousand-year-old Hungarian tradition of marriage between man and woman. If a man and a woman live together, marry and have children, this we call a family. This is not a question of human rights but of calling things by their name."


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