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Tuesday, 27 December 2016 23:55

"I Am What I Am": A Seminar On The Promotion Of LGBT Rights In Europe

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i am what i am


In Belgium, there was a seminar on the promotion of LGBT rights in the European Union, an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas for better promotion of the community at local level.

The seminar "I am what I am" was organized by the PES, the European Socialist Party, and Rainbow Rose, the LGBT network of the same party, within the Committee of the Regions, which is composed of local and regional elected representatives.

All of them came together to find solutions such as school harassment, discrimination in hiring,…. The issue of transgender identity and its recognition in society was also addressed.

All agreed at the conclusion of this seminar that even if things have evolved in the right direction in some European cities or countries, much remains to be done and these existing laws are still fragile and could be repealed.


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