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Wednesday, 12 January 2011 16:47

'I Don't Want My Children Are Gay'

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“I don't want my children are gay” it is what declared the ex-secretary general of Reporters, Robert Ménard, during a radio program “smile, you are informed” on France Inter.

One year after having said same remarks on Itélé what had already creates a polemic, to reiterate by evoking Le Baiser de la Lune (the kiss of the moon), a cartoon film created to be seen by kids in schools in order to speak about homosexuality with them.

“I have a little girl, I am not sure that the debate - on homosexuality in class at 6 years old or 7 years old is the first priority. It seems to me that the problems in France is a problem of disintegration of the family” said Ménard in an interview.
“I do not want which my children are gay”

The journalist adds: “I am not homophobe, I simply said that I do not want my children are homosexual. I spent 20 years of my life to militate against the homophobia but I am not sure to want my children face these additional difficulties.”

On a blog of media, it had published last year: “It is, indeed, easier to be heterosexual than gay. Concerned of my children, I thus do not wish them anything which can make their life more difficult, more complicated. Nothing moreover, nothing less.”

Its remarks are comprehensible, no parents did not want to see her child having a difficult life. The problem is, in France, that almost all the parents think and say the same thing. As a result, being homosexual is seen like negative, which do not help gay and lesbian teenagers.



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