Thursday, 01 May 2014 16:33

Insemination Is Not On The Agenda In France

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Apparently, there will still not be the possibility of having a baby by insemination for the French lesbians.

Initially, the Secretary of State in charge of the Family, Laurence Rossignol, declared that there were other priorities to give the possibility to any woman of having a child.

“One cannot put on the side the important subjects because another subject takes all space. It is necessary to give the things in the order,” Rossignol said during an interview on France Inter radio.

Then, a few days later, in her turn, the Minister for the Social Affairs, Marisol Touraine, announced in a 12/13 Sundays interview on France 3, that insemination is not on the agenda.

“[...] The progress of the society, it is not only the family, or the insemination (PMA). On the PMA, the question is clear, the subject is not today on the agenda,” she said.

“There are other social debates, when the school is improved, when it is made so that the children are protected better. But the question of the insemination is not the question which worries a majority of French people and I strongly say it, it is not a question which is today on the agenda.”

So currently, lesbian as straight women, who would like to resort to insemination, will still have to continue to do it illegally in other European countries where insemination is possible.

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