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Thursday, 13 January 2011 16:32

Ireland Recognises Gay Marriages Celebrated In Another Country

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In Irland, gay couples who got married or obtained a civil partnership in another country will be recognized.

Before, the couples who got married were not considered married when they returned to Ireland. The marriage was recognized as a civil partership only. Now gay couples will have almost all the same rights than married couples.

However, to obtain a civilian union in certain countries like France, will not offer this recognition in Ireland because the marriage and the civil union in Ireland give more rights than in France.

Brian Sheehan of the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network indicated: “Same-sex couples who have already celebrated their relationships and made formal commitments to each other by having a civil marriage or civil partnership in another country will today have those relationships recognised in Ireland. This recognition will provide significant protections for these couples.”


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