Thursday, 04 September 2014 21:27

Italy Recognizes The Adoption Of A Child By The Partner Of The Biological Mother

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For the first time, the Italian justice has recognized an adoption by the partner of the biological mother.

In Italy, neither marriage nor adoption are possible for same-sex couples but nevertheless, as explained Me Maria Antonia Pili, a section of the Adoption Act allows some openness and that is what has allowed the two women to get this recognition.

The judges saw "the best and prominent interests of the child to maintain a relationship with an adult, in this case his "social parent", a report of affection and cohabitation already consolidated in time (...) and regardless of the sexual orientation of the parents," says the lawyer, quoted by news agency Ansa.

In April, we saw that the Grosseto court has recognized the union between two people of the same sex.

A bill that would allow civil unions between same-sex people is already under discussion in the Senate Justice Committee as recently stated Senator Sergio Lo Giudice. He said he also planned to introduce a bill to open adoption for LGBT couples.