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Saturday, 19 April 2014 14:54

Kyrgyzstan Could Also Pass An Anti "Gay Propaganda" Law

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The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan currently studies an anti gay “propaganda” law.

This bill so approved would condemn all the people who "promote non-traditional sexual relationships for minors» with fines or prison.

But this law would not stop there. Indeed, according to Edgeonthenet, the Kyrgyzstan bill, however, would make any statement that could make "a positive attitude to unconventional sexual orientation" illegal, which would be punishable by a jail sentence of up to one year if those positive attitudes were made online, through telecommunications or the media.

"The goal of this bill is the safety and protection of the traditional family, and the human, moral and historical values of Kyrgyz society, by limiting the spread of information comprising the formation of positive attitudes to nontraditional forms of sexual relations," the bill reads.

Would be also limited, "the spread of media, photos, video, written materials that include open and hidden calls to non-traditional sexual relations (homosexuality, lesbianism and other forms of non-traditional sexual behavior" and "the organization of and participation in peaceful gatherings that aim to make available to society any information regarding positions on any form of nontraditional sexual relations."


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