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Tuesday, 18 August 2015 21:15

Lawmakers In The Cayman Islands Reaffirm The Marriage Equality Ban

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Cayman Islands lawmakers approved a motion clearly prohibiting equal marriage.

The Cayman Islands are a Caribbean British Overseas Territory but recently, Britain signed the European Convention on Human Rights which states that same-sex couples should be legally recognized, that recognition now part of human rights in Europe.

Faced with this approval of the British government, the four members of the Legislative Assembly of the Cayman Islands, strongly opposed to the concept of this recognition, rushed to pass a motion reaffirming the constitutional prohibition of equal marriage that was voted in 2009.

Representative Anthony Eden, who introduced the motion, justified it by the fact that the Bible says that «homosexuality is a" satanic confusion».

However, hope is always allowed because if there is a constitutional law, and therefore this motion too, preventing marriage equality, there is no law preventing civil unions.

Thus, Finance Minister Marco Archer would allow same-sex couples to marry and therefore to be recognized while maintaining a religious objection.

«If the desire is for equality with respect to the protection of their rights, with respect to the ownership of property and the transfer of that property to their loved ones,» Archer said.

«I believe it is possible for us to review our laws and see in what ways that can be done without considering or interfering or changing the definition of what God always intended to be marriage between a man and a woman, and what our constitution and our marriage laws currently provide for».


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