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Monday, 24 October 2011 16:40

Lesbian Rush To Marry In Spain

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The conservative party, Partido Popular, is given winning by all the surveys in Spain. This party could, if it is elected, block the law allowing gay marriage. As a result, in this moment, it is like if all gays and lesbians of Spain had decided to marry.

All started in October 2010, when, in an interview with El Pais, Mariano Rajoy, leader of Partido Popular, said he "does not know if he will maintain the law allowing the marriage for homosexuals." Its dissension would come from the word 'marriage'.

"This law for me appears in opposition with the Constitution", he added.

Even if these remarks are not the opinion of other members of the party, for the moment, Rajoy could be elected so it is a gay and lesbian rush to marry under the slogan : "Go Get married, the Conservatives arrive !"
Couples marry because if the law is ban, their marriages would be always recognized.

"We even see couples which advance the date, while planning the celebration for later," said Antonio Poveda, president of the Spanish Federation of LGBT associations (FELGBT). "We do not have any official figure, but we noted an increase of 40% on information requests on this subject in September. Concern is real."

Of course, LGBT defenders also began the battle under another slogan "No step behind!".

"We are not afraid, because the fear paralyzes," explains Maria Jose Ariza Toledano, vice-president of the FLG, association of lesbian and gay families. "The society supports us (70% of Spanish are in favor of gay marriage). If Rajoy wins, he will have to face an enormous social pressure coming from LGBT collectives and full of others supporters."

The elections will start on November 20th and one will know then who is elected and what will happen to the marriage equality law.


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