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Monday, 02 May 2011 11:13

LGBT Center Of Strasbourg Will Open This Year

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Strasbourg (France) will open its LGBT center “the Station” before the end of the year.

“It missed a place of visibility in Strasbourg,” explains Irene Tabellion, president of association the Moon and vice-president of the collective for the LGBT Center, “We have the chance to have dense and active associative activities,” she adds, “it seemed logical to create a place to share our work”. 

“Together, to be more visible” will be the currency of the center.

“The new structure will not have the role to replace the work of existing associations but to be a platform of mutualisation of competences”.

“It will be a place of visibility, exchange and division” with in particular a media library and the organization of a festival.

“The place will make it possible to LGBT people to have a place where they will not be judged and where they will be able to feel safe”. It will be “a place of listening, of prevention but also of information on health and rights”.


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