Monday, 17 February 2014 15:46

Lithuanian MP Wants To Ban Adoption By Same-Sex Couples

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As if it was not enough, Lithuania, and more precisely the Chair of the Seimas group of Order and Justice Party in Lithuania Petras Grazulis, introduced a draft amendment to prohibit the adoption by same-sex couples.

In 2013, already several laws had been introduced including a law to prohibit the marriage equality, the gay 'propaganda' law and a law allowing the speeches of hatred.

So besides these anti-gay laws, Lithuania could prohibit, like Russia, the adoption of Lithuanian children by Lithuanian same-sex couples but also by couples living in other countries.

"Lithuanian children are taken away and given to homosexuals in other countries under the veil of laws of foreign countries; however, no one protects the rights and legal interests of children. Such situations remind me of child trafficking to perverts. Various researches show that children raised by so called families of gays or lesbians suffer from more negative social, economic and emotional consequences compared to the children raised by healthy biological families," said Grazulis, as reports The Baltic Course.