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Monday, 12 March 2012 18:53

Malta Could Recognize Gay And Lesbian Relationships Legally

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It would seem that in Malta, a bill which could include civil unions for gay and lesbian couples will be introduce to the Parliament.

According to the Times of Malta, Justice Ministry spokesman said: "The government’s stand is that the relationship between gay couples should be regulated through the law on cohabitation, including the institute of civil partnership."

This bill will make it possible to have more rights and especially more legal protections.

Nationalist backbencher Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando said that legally recognising homosexual couples’ partnerships was "simply the responsible and logical thing to do".

He added that "the only reason many are averse to the idea of gay marriage is simply a misguided one based on religious beliefs".

It is not sure yet that the government will include gays and lesbians in this cohabitation law.


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