Tuesday, 10 January 2012 18:33

Miss Belgium 2012 : "It Is True There Are More And More Gays"

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The new Miss Belgium, Laura Beyne, 19, has to answer the question "Which is your opinion on gay marriage?" and here her answer.

"It is true there are more and more gays, but well it should be also known they are human beings. I think they can more or less do what they want. Now, I am more or less for gay marriage. I find that happened, now, there are other disadvantages like adopting children and that I find that it is a different subject, a little more difficult, but I am not against gay marriage".

Her answer neither for nor against won't cause polemic like a representative of LGBT association Alliage said: "We think that she didn't stick her neck out in her answer. She has a position rather opened on marriage which nevertheless reflects the mentality of the population, it is not because the law exists that mentalities are at 100% in its favor. It is always a subject which can make debate", Jean-Pierre Frisee said, who noted: "It is rather positive the Miss Belgium Committee dares speech of that." Gay marriage was legalized in 2004.