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Thursday, 11 August 2016 00:20

More And More Young LGBT People Are Rejected By Their Families In France

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le refuge


A few weeks ago, we were talking about the extremely alarming situation of homeless LGBT youth in Illinois. Remember that the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is calling for new LGBTQ foster and adoptive families to help.

So the situation is no better in France.

Indeed the association Le Refuge (the shelter), which is responsible for taking in young LGBT people and helping them, has revealed it suffered a rise in emergency accommodation requests of 32.7% since the beginning of the year.

The president of the association has also told that this is the first time that all the accommodations are not available. You should know that Le Refuge is at the moment 14 institutions across France, 80 places of accommodation, which is still too little deal with 649 requests since January 1, 2016.

Gilles Dehais, president of SOS Homophobia, who fight against homophobia and also obviously against LGBTphobia, says that the situation is rather worrying: "This is sad and disturbing. One can only be repulsed by these data. They clearly show that homophobia remains entrenched in society. Although it is more tolerant of homosexuality, it remains more violent."

France experienced a peak of homophobic attacks in 2012 from the debates legalizing equal marriage and adoption by same-sex couples through the creation of an anti-LGBT organization that has freed homophobe and LGBTphobe speech and the development of much more violence against the community.

The problem at present is that the association SOS Homophobia has published figures for 2015 and that the figures are in the same order that the figures of 2012, so it has no decline in assault or verbal abuse against French LGBT persons.

To be back to the numbers of LGBT youth who are homeless, you should know that it concerns absolutely all social backgrounds.

The president of the association Contact, which tries to keep a link between families and LGBT youth, realizes that the fight for more equality, more LGBT rights, was a little stopped following the legalization of equal marriage. Indeed, we see that the government and politicians in general, do absolutely nothing and do not plan any law against homophobia.

A positive thing, if we can regard this as positive, is that more young people turn to these associations to try to get by.

Just remember if you are in this situation, Le Refuge is here to help you get out of the street. You also have LGBT centers that are everywhere in the big cities and can already help you or forward you to organizations that can help. Finally, if you're in Alsace, the association L'Hêtre provides accommodation too.

It is always very sad to see that parents reject their children because of their identity or sexual orientation. We almost feel useless. However, remember that these associations, which are trying to get them off the street, need money so please check out the links of associations, whether those quoted in this article or other worldwide.


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