Thursday, 12 May 2011 15:56

No More Organization To Defend Against Discrimination In France

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The Halde, who used to fight against discriminations and for equality in France, does not exist anymore.

Even if the Halde had positive results in 2010, it's over and now the question is: what will replace it and when because, for the moment, in France, the community does not have any defenders in discrimination cases and there are already 2.300 cases who are waiting?

Eric Molinié, ex-president of the Halde , said after his discussion with President Sarkosy: "I had the assurance the missions of the Halde would continue (...) The teams will be completely transferred."
But will the next defender of the citizens be so independent or will it be at the "service" of the government which is not in favor of LGBT?

"This dismantling of the Halde is a big error: a detrimental political decision for French citizens who all can be the object of a discrimination" said S.O.S Homophobia.

Currently, discriminations continue.