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Tuesday, 11 June 2013 18:40

Northern Ireland Survey On LGBT Issues

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Northern Ireland Life and Times organized a survey in 2012 on LGBT issues, from marriage equality to adoption, approaching religion, asking people if they feel comfortable with LGBT people or if members of their family or friends are LGBT.


Answering the question: should same-sex couples be able to marry? 57% of Irish think that YES, marriage equality should be valid.


But 41% feel comfortable with a gay brother or a lesbian sister, just as 46% feel comfortable to work with a gay or lesbian colleague.


45% agree with the fact that lesbians should be able to express who and what they are as much as anyone else but only 28% are strongly in agreement with this.


However, 53% say they want schools to also teach about equality for gay men and lesbians with other groups in society.


68% of people from Northern Ireland think sexual orientation cannot be changed and is a birth factor. Congratulations! They beat Americans who are only 47% to think the same.


Only 33% see a lesbian couple with children as a family and people are still very divided about adoption by lesbian couples:


Strongly approve




Neither approve nor disapprove




Strongly disapprove


Can't choose



All results of this survey can be seen here: Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2012 - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Issues


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