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Thursday, 12 May 2011 23:52

Not Enough Together Under The Law To Adopt The Child Of Her Partner

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A lesbian cannot adopt the child of her partner in Switzerland because they are not under a partnership for a long time ago.

The court judged that the 2 women were not registered as partners for a long time ago to allow Maria von Känel Scheibling to adopt the child of her partner. The positive point is that the decision was not rejected because they are lesbians. In Switzerland, the law concerning the adoption of the child of the spouse in a married couple is allowed only after five years of marriage, but the couple of women has been under a partnership only from 4 years. Well, they have been in couple from 13 years but there was no law allowing same-sex couples union before 2007.

We will see the reaction of the court in 2012 because obviously they will request again:

"I am happy of this decision because it indicates to us that finally, the only problem would be the duration of our partnership - and not the fact that we are two women. I will be charmed to redeposit a request in March 2012, when we celebrate our five years of partnership! " said Maria von Känel Scheibling.


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