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Tuesday, 12 June 2012 15:29

Opponents To Gay Marriage In France Launch Their Campaign

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As we could expect, the fundamentalist catholics launch their campaign against gay marriage in France and as usual, they use pitiful arguments.

The media battle is thus launched! The Civitas Institute began its campaign 'NO to homosexual marriage', marriage equality should be voted in 2013.

The topics used by these opponents are as usual the polygamy and the perversion.

Stickers will be distributed in the cities saying for example: "Today, gay marriage, tomorrow, polygamy. Stop! The marriage: 1 man + 1 woman".

Another still shows the butt of two gay demonstrators as you can see it below and asks the question: "Will you leave children with these people?" Yes I know, that's pityful! How to not think of straight naturists who have their butt a little bit more outside than these two demonstrators?


According to Alain Escada, president de Civitas, it is only the beginning:"From the start of the new year, we set up a whole offensive program to open the eyes of people on the fatal consequences of the homosexual marriage and the adoption of children by homosexual couples".

I can't wait to see this!

He adds quoting German philosopher Leo Strauss: "All is not worth. Marriage is the union of two people, a man and a woman. Because, if all is worth, the cannibalism is nothing any more than a culinary taste among others".

Of course, we have our campaign launched already since several months by Act Up France.


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