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Monday, 14 January 2013 19:31

Opponents To Marriage and Adoption Laws Rallied In France

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Approximately 340.000 people rallied Sunday in the streets of Paris to show their opposition to the law on marriage equality and adoption which will be discussed in the Parliament at the end of the month.

The media covered the event during all the weekend showing the preparations, the buses and the trains booked, people of Paris who sharing their flats with people of other french areas who come to rally together, the rally, the "a dad, a mom" signs, the reactions during the following day,...

All was done so that we believe that the majority of French is against the laws and that a referendum is needed, that suddenly French people are all together against the laws with the conservative party (UMP) and the church.


But no. Reality is very different.


First of all, these opponents represent only a minority.


Then, as TĂȘtu magazine reported it recently, Lionel Gentric, Dominican brother, asked religious leaders "by which miracle the Church of France found the way to make all those who don't recognized them in the opinions expressed by their leaders on the marriage equality bill to be quiet", adding that the church is not a political party.


A majority of French supports marriage and adoption for all while others don't care but do not see any reason to be opposed to it.


The reaction of the government was clear: there will be no change, no referendum, the law will be discussed as planned.

Christiane Taubira, Minister for justice, said besides that to be opposed to these laws is unconstitutional.


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