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Thursday, 23 December 2010 19:17

Oral Slippage Of Archbishop Léonard

Written by 

Andre Joseph Leonard


As he is accustomed to making it, the Belgian archbishop Andre-Joseph Léonard, still tackled LGBTQ community even if that had nothing to do with the subject of the debate.

During the parliamentary hearings devoted to the pedophilia, who concern the Belgian church since April, monsignor Léonard could not resist. The archbishop being known for his many skid oral examinations against gay people.

When, during hearings, the parliamentary members asked about which must compensate the victims (of the pedophilia), he started by answering that the church could not only do it. It evoked the possible creation of solidarity funds supplied with religious, medical, sporting,…organizations:

"because there is a duty of solidarity with all the victims, of flood, of epidemic but also of sexual abuse."

As you can imagine it, this sentence already obstructed the assistance because to be a victim of a natural disaster and to be a victim of pedophilia, even if both are tragic naturally, it is not the same thing, we cannot put them in the same group.

"some medical studies said that children created by assisted reproduction are more vulnerable at the genetic illness" he asked before to add, knowing how people will react to this: "There are also people who studied psychological sequelae on children who grew up with 2 dads or 2 mums. What will happen if they also ask indemnities?"

The parliamentory members were completely shocked and qualified this remark like unacceptable.


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