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News From Europe

Cafe Pruckel



After a lesbian couple were thrown out of a café in Vienna for kissing in public, thousands of people gathered to protest and kissed.

Thursday, 22 January 2015 23:13

The Irish Minister For Health Leo Varadkar Came Out

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Leo Varadkar




Even if he does not want to campaign for the referendum on equal marriage to be held in Ireland in May, the Minister for Health Leo Varadkar came out, saying he wished to be considered as “an equal citizen".

Tuesday, 20 January 2015 15:56

Austria Legalized Adoption For Same-Sex Couples

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A historic decision was taken in Austria where a court granted the adoption for same-sex couples!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 15:28

The British Army Launches In The Fight Against Homophobia

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To improve the fight against homophobia, the British army will now ask for new recruits to indicate their sexuality, knowing that they can choose not to answer.




In Portugal, the Socialist party will introduce to Parliament a bill to allow same-sex couples to adopt and lesbians to access fertility treatments.




I was already indignant that women don't have the right to drive in Saudi Arabia, but they ban transgender people in Russia from driving too ... It's sheer madness!!!





Italy still advances a little more in terms of adoption by same-sex couples since a court has formally recognized the child of a lesbian couple.




13,48 is the exact percentage of same-sex marriages performed in Paris in 2014.

Kari Mäkinen



In early December, Finland finally legalized marriage equality after being one of the first countries to consider that the LGBT community should have the same rights as others. The head of the Lutheran Church Kari Mäkinen welcomed the approval of the law by parliament, causing the resignation of thousands of faithful.

Ireland Dublin



We approach the year 2015 and therefore the referendum on equal marriage in Ireland. A new poll shows that support for the bill continues to grow.

omofobia no grazie



In the coming days, the offices of the Turin police will see the sticker “Omofobia No Grazie” ("Homophobia, No Thank You”).

Friday, 05 December 2014 16:39

Slovakia Will Hold A Referendum On Equal Marriage In 2015

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In Slovakia, the president Andrej Kiska has decided to hold a referendum on equal marriage in early 2015.


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