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News From Europe


In France, after days to talk about the equal marriage law approved one year ago, the subject then drifted on the pros and especially the cons of the surrogacy and insemination, and again, regardless of the opinions of the French.

Ignazio Marino

The Mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino decided to recognize the unions of 16 same-sex couples although Italy does not recognize marriage equality.

Friday, 17 October 2014 16:16

Estonia Approved Civil Unions For Same-Sex Couples

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Finally some good news in Eastern Europe! Estonia has legalized civil unions for same-sex couples.

kiss in brighton

Following the reprimand of a Sainsbury's supermarket security guard in Brighton for a lesbian couple, one of which had embraced each other on the cheek, dozens of people gathered in the supermarket to organize a big kiss-in.


Catalonia could pass a nondiscrimination against LGBT people legislation.


Today, October 9, the parliament of Kyrgyzstan will vote on the ";gay propaganda".

Roselyne Bachelot

In an interview with Pure m├ędias, Roselyne Bachelot, a former minister who worked in the government of Nicolas Sarkozy, and now a columnist on the TV channel D8, responded to Sarkozy's words about the equal marriage, finding them extremely offensive.

logo UMP

A new poll shows that UMP activists do not share all the same opinion that their political leaders.

church in wales

The Church in Wales will decide whether it should perform marriages between persons of the same sex and therefore launched a consultation to make a choice.


Despite the pressure of population and of the European Court, the Greek government will delay the legislation that will allow civil unions for same-sex couples.

Manif pour tous

Feminist journalist Camille Emmanuelle managed to discreetly attend the summer rally of "Manif Pour Tous" (rally for all), unfortunately her partner in this process has been recognized and they have had access to only a part of the event as any journalist. They were able to attend conferences but not workshops and when you consider what they have suffered, we dare not imagine the rest.

faroe islands


A Gallup poll shows that more than a majority of the inhabitants of the Faroe Islands is in favor of equal marriage.


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