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News From Europe

Nele Lijnen

After the homophobe remarks of the pope Benedict, a Belgian senator wants her country protests officially by the means of the higher representative of the church of the Belgium Giacinto Berloco.

pope benedict

Pope Benedict is in the news again because of his homophobe remarks and this time-here he fears for "the future of humanity itself." Only that!

laura beyneThe new Miss Belgium, Laura Beyne, 19, has to answer the question "Which is your opinion on gay marriage?" and here her answer.

Thursday, 05 January 2012 05:36

Exploring Gender: Plan for Transgender Equality in the UK

Written by

Government Equalities Office


A recent plan created by the Government Equalities Office of the Home Office of the United Kingdom seeks to address the issue of transgender equality in the UK. Announced December 8th, the measure has gotten little media attention, leaving me to shift through only a couple of articles to come up with some pertinent information, some of which had lackluster coverage and others which displayed a lack of knowledge even of how to explain transgender properly, effectively demonstrating the need for some general education of the public about transgender individuals as proposed in the plan.

Monday, 02 January 2012 18:39

Hungary Passed Discriminatory Constitution

Written by

Hungary Budapest

The new constitution of Hungary is a new discrimination for LGBT people and also reduced women's right.


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