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News From Europe

Reverend Christina Bradley


While Reverend Christina Bradley of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland was the only one to rejoice the people vote in favor of equal marriage earlier this year, she comes to back down, warned by her superiors.

Thursday, 24 September 2015 17:13

Jersey To Introduce An Equal Marriage Bill In January 2017

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Things are moving in Jersey. An LGBT group planned to submit a marriage equality bill in 2017. It just got the right to do so.

ivan lewis



Labor Member of Parliament Ivan Lewis will require a public vote on the equal marriage.

Luigi Brugnaro


The new mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro said no Gay Pride will take place in his city as he would be in charge.

cayman islands


Cayman Islands lawmakers approved a motion clearly prohibiting equal marriage.

brighton pride bus


Unlike Saudi Arabia, the city of Brighton has no problem with rainbows as Pride buses run in the city to celebrate Brighton Pride to be held next weekend, from August 1st to August 2nd.






An attempt to overturn the marriage equality law in Finland is about to fail.

TransGender Symbol





The Irish parliament has approved the recognition of gender!

northern ireland



While a few weeks ago, two LGBT couples launched a challenge against the marriage equality ban in Northern Ireland, which remains the only country in the UK not to have legalized marriage equality, a poll shows important support of the population.

Wednesday, 01 July 2015 16:59

Kyrgyzstan Has Approved The Anti "Gay Propaganda" Law

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Unfortunately, lawmakers of Kyrgyzstan approved the law banning what they call the «gay propaganda.»

Shannon Sickles Grainne Close Chris Henry Flanagan Kane


As I have mentioned several times, Northern Ireland has still not legalized marriage equality because its laws differ from those of Ireland, which has recently approved marriage for same-sex couples by referendum.

However, two couples, Shannon Sickles and Grainne Close, and Chris Henry and Flanagan-Kane, just launched a challenge against the ban in Belfast High Court.



In 2013, the Genevan Parliament had submitted a bill to include the fight against homophobia in the constitution, but on June 17, the upper house rejected this proposal.


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