Thursday, 29 December 2011 18:19

Poll Says Only 4% Of Lithuanians Agree On Civil Unions For Gays And Lesbians

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In Lithuania, a poll shows what the population thinks of civil unions and the results is more than negative for us.

This poll by RIAT, Lithuanian market research company, says 70% of the population supports civil unions but only for straight couples.

Only 4% supports civil unions for gay and lesbian couples.

Lastly, the quarter remaining is opposed to civil unions for straights as for gays and lesbians.

Since 2006, it seemed the country opened. A first poll by European Commission had then shown in 2006 that 17% of Lithuanians supported civil unions for gay and lesbian couples.

In 2009, another poll showed a big rise of support with 42%.

Two years later, there is only 4% of the population in its favor.