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Thursday, 18 May 2017 22:09

President Macron pays tribute to the LGBT community during his inauguration day

Written by  E-Li

emmanuel macron tribunte xavier


Emmanuel Macron became the new president of France and paid tribute to the LGBTQ community during the inauguration ceremony.

Macron had not spoken so much about LGBTQ people even though he was committed to upholding the rights of the community. Nevertheless, he did not fail to pay tribute to the LGBTQ people throughout his inauguration day.

Indeed, the partner of Xavier Jugelé, the gay policeman who was recently killed by a terrorist on the Champs-Élysées, was among the personal guests of the new president for the handover ceremony.

Then, the inauguration day continued with a parade of the president on the Champs-Elysées. President Macron paid tribute to this police officer by making a stop at the place where he was attacked (photo 1).

The final step for the new president was to rekindle the flame on the tomb of the unknown soldier, which represents all the soldiers killed during the First World War. There, too, the French President paid tribute to the LGBT community by inviting a representative of the association Les Oublié.e.s de la mémoire ("The Forgotten"), Denis Erhart, who campaigns for the recognition of LGBT people who perished in concentration camps. Emmanuel Macron exchanged a few words with him (photo 2).

macron les oubliees de la memoire

But nothing is perfect since the new Prime Minister had voted against marriage equality.

Photo credit: BFMTV and France 2


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