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Saturday, 16 September 2017 17:17

Priory School bans skirts to favor gender-neutral uniforms

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Priory School, a secondary school in Lewes, East Sussex in the United Kingdom, has changed its uniform policy by banning skirts to favor a gender-neutral uniform.

During the year, the students of the Priory School asked: "Why do boys have to wear ties and girls don’t, and girls have different uniforms to boys?".

As a result, the school "decided to have the same uniform for everybody from Year 7," explained Headteacher Tony Smith in an interview with Mail Online.

Of course, all this also makes it possible for the school to be more inclusive of its transgender students and they are aware of this.

In summer, all students can wear shorts or skorts (short skirts with individual leg sections).

Photo from Priory School


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