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Saturday, 22 July 2017 14:49

Queer'amann and Berry LGBT: two new LGBT associations to be launched in France

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Two new LGBTQ associations will be launched in France in two regions: Loire-Atlantique and Cher.

  • In Loire-Atlantique:

The association Queer'amann will be launched from September in the town of Saint-Nazaire. The purpose of this association is to bring together LGBTQ people of the city. The association hopes, of course, to improve the visibility of the community. They plan to create events, and they organized a Pride march on June 17th.

  • In Cher:

Antonin Stassart and Emmanuel Ducarteron created the Berry LGBT association in Vierzon. Here too, they want to allow LGBTQ people to come together, share their experiences, find information and offer a place to listen to those who need it. In this more rural area, Berry LGBT hopes to also contribute to better visibility.

To note that there is a new shelter for young people who are victims of homophobia since March. It is called Sentimentale-moi and in Châteauroux.

For more information about Queer'amann and Berry LGBT, check out their Facebook pages: -

Photo Berry LGBT: Veronique Petreau


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