Friday, 04 November 2016 00:15

Romania: Difference Of Opinion Between The President And The Prime Minister On The Rights Of Same-Sex Couples

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In Romania, the president and the prime minister clashed on the rights of same-sex couples.

Indeed, on one side president Klaus Iohannis (pictured on the left) called "tolerance and acceptance of the other": I believe in tolerance, trust and openness towards each other," Iohannis said in a speech; but on the other hand, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos has called to support the "traditional family".

Unfortunately, this opposition comes after more than three million people signed a petition to oppose equal marriage, which could lead to a referendum on the issue.

"Klaus Iohannis’ comments are a first for Romania. For the first time, a major politician is coming out in support of diversity," Vlad Viski, the president of MozaiQ, a Romanian LGBTI rights organisation, told GSN.

"However, his comments don’t go as far as we want, as Iohannis did not specify that he is referring to the LGBTI community, he avoided using a direct reference to LGBTI people.

"The prime minister of Romania, Dacian Cioloș, however, came out today in support of the so-called 'traditional family', which is disappointing and shows that the struggle of LGBTI people is far from over," he added.

It is clear that the battle for equality is far from won in Romania.