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Friday, 25 January 2013 23:21

Russia Approved First Reading Of Nationwide LGBTQ 'Propaganda' Bill

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 russia state duma

One expected it and unfortunately that happened. As announced a few days ago, the first reading, and thus the first vote, on a bill aiming at establishing a LGBT "propaganda" law in all Russia was planned for the end of the week.

The vote has took place and members of the Russian State Duma approved the bill with a vote of 388-1 with one abstention and 60 members who did not vote.

The next stage will be a second reading. Amendments can be added until May 25th, date after which we will be able to know the final version of this law.

Apparently, there will be 4 readings and then it will be the turn of the president to sign the bill into law. One does not know yet the dates for the next readings.


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