Wednesday, 14 March 2012 15:22

Russia Orthodox Church Leader Asks A Nationwide 'Gay Propaganda' Law

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A few months ago, I spoke about this "gay propaganda" law which had been adopted in St Petersburg in Russia. This project of law is not only signed but it could be extended to all Russia. It is at least what wish the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church.

According to En.rian, Russian patriarch's representative on youth issues, Hieromonk Dimitri Pershin, said in a statement: "the determination displayed by representatives of sexual minorities and their desire to continue rallying outside children's establishments indicate the timeliness of this regional law, which should, without delay, be given federal status, this, however, is the task for State Duma lawmakers".

Homosexuality, however decriminalized in 1993, is very far from being accepted in Russia. Each Gay Pride, when it takes place because the authorities prohibit them most of the time like Moscow's Mayor for example, is the place of violences towards the LGBT community.

Andre Banks, executive director of, said "by validating a new regime of censorship and intolerance, Governor Poltavchenko (the Governor of St Petersburg) has diminished the reputation of his city with the stroke of a pen."